Learn About Myself

Self Understanding

The key to discovering what majors or careers will be most satisfying to you is found through the process of self-understanding. People that “do what they are” find joy, satisfaction and competence in what they do because their work is consistent with their values, skills, interests and personality. In fact, “work” is no longer something you do to make a living, but an extension and expression of your very being.

Most of us have simply not taken the time to take stock in who we are, what we believe in, what piques our curiosity, what our natural abilities are and the make-up of our unique personality. In order to choose a major and/or career, you will need to get to know yourself better. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meet with a career advisor at the HSU Academic and Career Advising Center. They are trained and capable in facilitating self-assessment processes including clarification of values, encouraging expression of your life’s goals, identifying your best abilities and insights into how you make your decisions.
  • Check out the California Career Resource Network and learn more about your interests, skills & abilities, values and how they related to specific careers to help make your decision. (http://www.californiacareers.info/)
  • Discuss your quest for self-understanding with those that you are closest to. They may be in a position to shed light on the unique person that you are because of the close and caring relationship you share.

Career Assessments

Career assessments can provide insights into your interests, skills and personality type. Career advisors will interpret and discuss the results of the assessments and assist in exploring careers that would be best suited for your unique qualities, skills and interests.

If you are interested in taking a career assessment contact the Academic and Career Advising Center.  Ask a career advisor for a referral to take a career assessment, there is a small fee associated with the assessment.

Strong Interest Inventory

One of the most effective and popular career assessments is the Strong Interest Inventory. The assessment poses over 300 questions ranging from school subjects to leisure activities to determine your greatest interests. The Strong then connects what intrigues you with specific academic majors and career goals.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is a popular career assessment that focuses on our personality traits and characteristics. It attempt to provide insight into why we do things the way we do. The MBTI is effective in determining what we pay attention to, how we process information, how we make decisions, ways that we control or influence our lives, and what career fields are natural fits for our unique personality type.