Alyssa Boscacci

Academic Spotlight


“I am aiming to be a high school art teacher, and I’ve always wanted to help others learn and create, Service Learning gave me that opportunity.” 
- Alyssa Boscacci, Art Education Major
ART 357B: Curriculum and Development through Art Education

Learning, Service, and Fun:

Alyssa took several Service Learning courses for her major in Art Education, which allowed her to engage in a variety of activities in the community. When she started at Humboldt, she was not sure what Service Learning courses were, but only that she had to take them. She subsequently took Service Learning courses for four semesters, with each year bringing more and better opportunities for volunteering in the community. 

Engaging in Art Education:

Alyssa participated in Pastels on the Plaza two years in a row and helped create a mural for the Natural History Museum in Arcata. She observed in high school classrooms, provided tours of the Art Department and galleries on campus, and completed art activities with local public school students from the 3rd through 12th grade. “I’ve basically done a bunch of art related activities and volunteer work for the community. There is so much more! The best part about being an Art major is you get to have so much fun with Service Learning, because we get to be goofy and create great things.”

Linking Service Learning to Career  Development:

In summary, Alyssa says, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without this experience. I wouldn’t know the things I know without it. I wouldn’t have experience in classrooms if I hadn’t taken Service Learning courses, and wanting to be a teacher, time in a classroom is a must! I believe these courses have pushed me forward and given me the chance to grow as a person overall.”