Clive Kelsey

Academic Spotlight


“Scheduling a quick 30 minute meeting with an Academic and Career Advising Center Advisor is absolutely the first step to take when you dive into the vast ocean of internship and work opportunities.”
– Clive Kelsey, Recreation Administration Major: Tourism Management
SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Tourism Intern at Spot Hostel in Porto, Portugal

How the Adventure Began:

Clive visited the Academic and Career Advising Center and met with a career advisor, who showed him many resources for finding an internship, including a website called  Through the site he found volunteer and internship opportunities in a number of different fields around the world. Clive inquired about a tourism internship at Spot Hostel in Portugal. They helped him through the process of applying for the internship and soon he was on his way.

Providing for Guests: 

For Clive’s internship, he worked as a bartender at the hostel’s night bar and complete breakfast duties for the hostel’s guests. In addition, each week he wrote a report highlighting a different aspect   of   the  hostel’s  company. His  greatest achievement, however,  was  creating a new program for his guests. He put together a free walking tour of the city, engaging them in the rich history of the region’s wine industry, and giving them a chance to meet other travelers.

Best Thing About the Internship:

Clive thought that he got the most benefit out of leading groups on the tour he created. “This experience taught me  much about the travel industry and gave me a great introduction to the practicalities of running a hostel-type business in a large city. The idea of creating my own tourism based business seems a lot more realistic now.” 

Clive’s Advice for Others:

“Don’t hesitate to ask questions or advice of people who have completed an internship in the field that you are interested in. Network and build professional relationships with as many people as you can. An internship is an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge, insight, and experience in your field and may well lead to career opportunities upon graduation.”