Paul Amato

Career Spotlight


“I was ecstatic about the idea of actually getting a job where I am paid to do exactly what I want to do.“
– Paul Amato, Natural Resources Major
INTERNSHIP: Natural Resources Assistant with the Humboldt Natural Resources Department  

Department Duties:

As an intern for the Natural Resources Department, Paul assisted with a number of marketing efforts. He distributed electronic and hard copy marketing materials in the campus community, created and delivered event publicity, and he helped plan and implement a campus-wide awareness program. He also worked on a Native American Symposium for the Dam Removal project, co-facilitating the symposium. In addition, he set up computers and documented department activities. “I was able to meet and work with other campus organizations to create something meaningful to my community, while gaining practical career experience.”

Finding the Internship:

Just before transferring to Humboldt, Paul learned that he had qualified for Federal Work Study. Unsure of what this meant, he went to the Academic and Career Advising Center to learn more. He then asked about available work study positions in his major department. It was recommended that he reach out to the department, not only to gain networking skills, but to inquire about possible job opportunities. One day later, Paul was offered a Federal Work Study based internship.  

Following His Passion:

Paul’s favorite thing about the internship is that he was paid to help in an area that he’s passionate about. He found that his work helped with “strengthening my values of leadership, community, concern for others, pride and love for my school and department, and being a part of something bigger than myself.” He enjoyed a good deal of autonomy in his position, and found that he was able to exercise a lot of responsibility and freedom.  

Paul’s Advice for Others:

“Procrastinating and lack of confidence gets you nowhere. Do something new, you don’t need to love it because you can always walk away, but any experience is a learning experience.”