How to Prepare for Career Expo

This year, we have over 40 employers and 30 community service organizations who are scheduled to attend our “Career Expo and Volunteer Fair.” With this handout, we hope to give you information to help you prepare and make the most out of your contact with these employers.
Before Career Expo Review the list of organizations, arranged by major on this handout. Make sure to check out the “Any Major” section. Identify those you would like to talk with or those you want to learn more about. Conduct research on the organization - links to the employer web pages can be found under “Career Expo & Volunteer Fair” on our web page - Create a list of questions to ask. Prepare your general resume and/or federal resume (if needed).
For Career Expo Dress Appropriately: If you are seriously seeking a seasonal, permanent, SCEP (Co-op) position or internship, we strongly urge you to “Dress for Success.” Remember, first impressions make a difference. Bring 10 - 15 copies of your current resume and federal resume; some employers have job opportunities available. Ask Questions: Spend your time finding out what type of careers the employers offer and how you can best gain experience while in school. Ask questions similar to the following: What does your organization do? What type of college training is desired by your organization? Are there specific courses that are most helpful? What personal characteristics are desired? What’s the forecast for employment opportunities with your organization? What summer job, internship or SCEP (cooperative education) opportunities exist with your organization? What “permanent” career opportunities does your organization offer? If positions (summer, SCEP, internship, permanent) exist, what are the application procedures?
During Career Expo Greet each employer with a handshake. Make good eye contact. Pick up brochures/applications. Ask for business cards. Maintain a positive attitude.
After Career Expo
Send follow-up/thank you notes! (One good reason to obtain employer business cards!)
Where can you obtain applications? Many employers who are attending this Career Expo program will have applications with them. The Humboldt Career Center has most application forms required by federal and state employers, although most federal and state agencies now have on-line applications.]
Private Sector Employers: We have invited over 450 employers to the Career Day program, including 200 private employers. As you can see, many are not able to attend. Research has shown that only 20% of the jobs with private employers are publicized. By directly contacting the people for whom you would like to work you can uncover the 80% of the jobs that are not advertised. Web sites (many linked through our Career Center webpage—, employer directories (available in the Career Center—NHW 130), and the yellow pages of telephone directories can be effective places to help you identify employers and specific jobs.