Virtual Resources

These resources were compiled to help students obtain part-time, local, face-to-face, remote, volunteer, and work-from-home opportunities. There are also tips about remote interviewing, working remotely, other money matters, and self care to help you be successful in these difficult and unprecedented times. 

Our staff continues to be available for one-on-one guidance through drop-ins and appointments. Stay safe, stay healthy and be well. You can do this!

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Onward California

OnwardCA is a one stop resource for the people of California impacted by job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes comprehensive information on life essentials, training and job search by county.

Job Search Resources                                    

Part Time Jobs/Local Face to Face Jobs:

The following are part time,  face-to-face job ideas for students, both in Humboldt and in other places:

  • Contact Tracing (high demand opportunity due to COVID-19). Here is one of many sites set up for hiring:
  • Grocery stores may be hiring temporary employees
  • Third-party food delivery services (UberEats, DoorDash, InstaCart, etc) DoorDash is hiring in Humboldt
  • Medical scribe companies, such as Helix Scribe Solutions or ScribeAmerica.
  • Tutoring opportunities - since schools are closed, many families seek tutors. Check with neighbors, advertise on personal social media, or join your neighborhood on the Nextdoor app to search for opportunities. Talk to your Career Advisor about strategies for doing this online.
  • Delivery services and online distributors (i.e. FedEx, UPS, Amazon, USPS)

Online Job Searching 

Under normal circumstances, networking leads to more than 70% of hiring as only about 30% of jobs are actually advertised. However, mandatory social distancing necessitates increased online job posting and hiring.  Networking (phone calls, emails, LinkedIN, Zoom, Facebook-very carefully, informational interviews, and virtual networking events and fairs are still important. Focus on creating strong, thoughtful cover letters, resumes, portfolios and samples of your work as in many cases, these documents will now have to do some of your networking for you.

Tips for Job Searching


A 24/7 job and internship database that includes on-campus and off-campus, work-study, part-time, full-time, temporary, summer, internship and career positions. It is connected to campuses across the country, so you may find jobs local to where you currently are.

How to get a job on Handshake 


How to Find a Local Part-time Job

  • Local newspaper listings: During this time, and if newspapers are in operation, they will get direct job listings for companies and organizations urgently hiring to meet demand during the COVID-19 response.
  • Craigslist: A go-to place for local hiring, especially the nonprofit sector. Be careful for scams.
  • LinkedIn: Very active job board, networking capabilities, allows you to create a profile.
  • State Job Banks: Every state is required to provide a job board for their employers and job seekers - this page has links to all of them. 
  • Curated job search resources put together by our ACAC advisors: 

Virtual Internships

Numerous opportunities for remote internships, both paid and unpaid.

Remote internship search engines

Tips, advice and information on virtual internships

Alternatives to internships


Volunteer and Paid Opportunties Specific to COVID-19

Feeling compeled to help? Looking for opportunities to get involved and build your resume at the same time? From food banks to blood banks, here are some websites that are offering Covid-19 specific volunteer opportunities.



Resources and best practices to help you prepare for interviews that are not in a traditional in-person interview. There are three different interview formats: virtual/online, phone and digital. 

Virtual/Online Interviews 

Prepare for interviews that are real time, using video and audio on your computer or cell phone. 

Phone Interviews

Prepare for interviews over the phone, with no video. 

Digital Interviews

Prepare for interviews via email or other format that allows for a digital reply.  Employers provide questions and answers are then recorded. 


Working Remotely

Advice and tools on how to be successful when working remotely.  

Other Money Matters

These resources include information on financial assistance and other money matters to help students manage their personal finances.

Student Adversity Emergency Grant

Unemployment, Disability and Paid Leave Insurance Benefits

Loans and Payment Extensions

  • Federal and State tax filing deadlines have been extended to July 15, 2020
  • Emergency loans are available through HSU Student Financial Services.  Guidelines can be found here.  Visit their website for more information on how to contact them.
  • Call your creditors, mortgage lenders, utility companies, etc., if your income has been impacted by the Coronavirus. They may be able to offer support including deferring payments, or waiving  fees including late, interest, overdraft, non-sufficient funds, monthly maintenance, etc.

HSU Refunds

  • Housing & Dining
    • Prorated refunds of housing fees, dining fees and parking fees for students who leave residence life are available.  
    • Refunds for Housing and Dining fees occur once a student completes the check out process. 
    • If you are on a payment plan, the Housing Cashier will contact you to discuss how this may impact your Housing and Dining accounts.  
      • Refunds may impact your financial aid. Please review your student account on your Student Center or check with the Financial Aid office to see how these transactions may impact you.  Please give staff in Housing, Student Financial Services and Financial Aid 1-2 weeks to process and review your account.
  • Parking: Refunds for all student spring parking permits will be automatically processed through your student account.
  • Child Care:The new California Childcare Portal has been created to help families working in essential fields 


ACAC Virtual Drop-in Advising

The Academic and Career Advising Center is providing Virtual Drop-in advising from 10am to 1pm, Monday through Friday, through the end of the semester. Click HERE to request a Virtual Drop-in.


Self Care

Self-care is incredibly important. During this stressful time, it is essential that you make yourself a priority.  The following are some tips to help you:

  • Tips:
    • Try to get into a routine that includes showering, getting dressed, making your bed, spending time on class work, meals, and exercise.
    • Incorporate breaks into your routine. Get up and take a walk, stretch, have a reward snack for accomplishing something.
    • Give yourself a break and remember it is an incredibly stressful time and you are doing amazing! 
    • Watch funny videos, limit your news intake, and take advantage of the many free virtual resources such as museums, concerts, fun classes, hobbies, etc.
  • Support and health and wellbeing services are available through HSU. Students who would like to talk with a counselor can contact Counseling & Psychological Services at 707.826.3236 anytime.
  •  Student Health and Wellbeing Services remains open, and has set up a receiving space out front. 
  • Oh SNAP! Food pantry services continue and HSU will purchase additional food if necessary.

Online Learning Resources

This website lists some of the online programs you can use to help with online learning challenges, such as voice to text.

Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students