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The Academic and Career Advising Center is excited to host the 2022 Part-time Job Fair!

Wednesday, August 24 between 10:00am and 2:00pm on the SAC Quad
This event provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet with local on- and off-campus organizations seeking students for in-person and virtual part-time jobs. Come prepared with copiesof your resume, a pen to fill out applications, and lots of great questions to ask employers.
  • Visit the Academic & Career Advising Center in Lower Library 27 to prepare your resume in our computer lab with printer. Stop by during Drop-in Advising, 10am to 1pm, to have your resume reviewed. 

  • Check out the Career Clothing Closet in Lower Library 28 for a free career outfit for your next interview!


  • Personalized job recommendations based on your major and interests
  • An easy way to get information about career fairs and similar events
  • Powerful keyword search and filtering options
  • Managing your on-campus interviews with top companies
What is Handshake?
Handshake is the #1 way college students find jobs. Handshake partners with schools and employers—bringing their best opportunities to campus and onto our platform just for you. The top employers—including all the Fortune 500—recruit students through Handshake, giving you access to jobs and internships not available anywhere else. Create your Handshake profile and Handshake will show you jobs that are a good fit for you. You can filter and search through job roles based on your interests, and discover new career possibilities. Best of all, recruiters will message you directly with event invites and job opportunities.
5 reasons you need Handshake more than other career sites:
  1. Apply where you have the advantage: Handshake is the only place that connects you, your school, and employers together. You’ll see jobs and internships posted specifically for students, and employers actively recruiting from your school.
  2. Recruiters want to talk to you: Employers on Handshake message students with event invites, interview requests, and new job opportunities. Last year, recruiters sent more than 16 million messages to students.
  3. No experience required: The jobs on Handshake are meant for students like you, so you can get the work experience you need. 
  4. Find the right job for you: When you fill out your profile, we’ll show you jobs and internships that match your interests and skills. You may even discover a new career path.
  5. The companies you want to work for: All of the top employers are recruiting students on Handshake, including the Fortune 500, startups, nonprofits and more. 
How to find a job on Handshake
  • Sign up - Sign up for your Handshake account at humboldt.joinhandshake.com.
  • Make it you - Fill out your profile with information about you, your interests, your studies, and what you’re looking for in a job. Make sure to add your preferred locations and job roles.
  • Discover jobs - Handshake takes the info you share in your profile to show you full-time jobs and internships that align with your interests and that you’d be a good fit for.
  • Get recruited - All of the top employers, including 100% of the Fortune 500, tech start-ups, nonprofits, and more are hiring students like you on Handshake. When you create a profile, they’ll be able to find you and message you about the roles you want.  
  • Apply easily - On Handshake, you can store your resumes and other documents so they’re ready when you need them. You can even apply to jobs in two clicks with Quick Apply. 
  • No more wondering - Once you apply, we’ll send you updates on your application status. And if you have questions, you can explore our Q&A platform and ask your peers for advice about interviews, job roles, and more. 
Attending Virtual Job Fairs is Easy!
Before the Fair:
  • Register and schedule your sessions with employers and community partners. Group Sessions: 30 minutes each, multiple students can attend, and Individual Sessions: 10 minutes each, one-on-one session between a student and an employer
  • Research the employers by reviewing their profiles on Handshake, as well as their websites to be able to identify their mission, services, and open positions.
  • Develop your resume using our resume and cover letter resources. Have your resume reviewed by a Career or Peer Advisor on ZOOM Drop-ins.
  • Upload a resume to your Handshake profile. Pro Tip: When you upload your resume, be sure to save it as YourLastName_FirstName_Resume (e.g. Smith_Jane_Marketing Resume)
  • Practice your interview skills with a career advisor or by using Standout Video
Day of the Fair: 
  • Dress to impress. Virtual or in-person, first impressions count! Studies show that people feel more confident when they dress in professional attire. Be mindful of how bright colors, patterns and jewelry may appear on camera.
  • Test your equipment (camera, audio, and internet connectivity equipment) to resolve any technical issues. Find a quiet place, select a simple backdrop, and arrange good lighting. For the best experience, Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended.
  • When your video chat begins:
  • Keep your eyes on the camera, not the image of the interviewer, so it appears you are looking in their eyes.
  • Engage the recruiter in a give-and-take chat around your fit for their position or organization.
  • Be mindful of non-verbal cues. Sit up straight, smile, express enthusiasm in your tone of voice, and lean in a bit to demonstrate interest and attentiveness.
  • At the end, thank the recruiter and share the most interesting aspects of their opportunity.
  • If the recruiter showed interest, ask for a LinkedIn connection or email to follow up.
After the Fair:
Follow up and send a thank-you email within 24-48 hours to everyone who interviewed you to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the role and the unique strengths you could bring to the organization.