Joselyn Loazia

Academic Spotlight
Joselyn standing in front of a bush by the Humboldt library circle, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.


“I’ve gained good time management and planning my classes with my work schedule. I am also gaining skills that will apply to future jobs and life overall.”
- Joselyne Loazia, Anthropology Major

Joselyne's academic experience and how it came about:  

Selecting a major was a difficult decision for Joselyn because she was interested in many subjects, but wasn’t sure which to select. She did not know exactly what Anthropology would consist of but liked the Anthropology classes she had taken so I meet with her Academic Advisor, Kyle, and helped her learn more about the major. He also helped her become a RAMP mentor her second year.

What Joselyne learned from her academic experience:

Taking all general education classes her first semesters helped Joselyne pick a major while knocking out necessities and led to her picking classes she liked and selecting the major she now loves. 

How the Academic and Career Advising Center support Joselyne through this experience:   

When asked about this, Joselyne said "Kyle helped me so much as I would email him or visit his office anytime I had questions. He also assisted me with my resume when I applied to be a RAMP  mentor. This helped me establish good relationships with professors."

How has this experience helped Joselyne develop academically, personally, & professionally:

Through RAMP, Joselyne has gained good time management and planning her classes with her work schedule. She is also gaining skills that will apply to future jobs and life overall. This has also helped her learn that she likes working with others.

What advice would Joselyne share to other students:

Joselyne recommends to take classes you think you like not just classes that sound easy. She also mentioned to try something different and use all of your resources while you’re a student because they are free and useful!
What other services assisted and supported 

Joselyne in this experience:

She received the most support from the Academic Career and Advising Center (ACAC), the Retention through  Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP), YES Youth Mentoring Program, the Learning Center, and my major department advisor.