Faculty Training

These trainings are open trainings and although they are scaffolded by design, we invite faculty to choose trainings that feel most appropriate for their needs.  Please register by clicking the link for the trainings and dates you would like to attend.  Videos will be made available soon after the trainings are offered. 

If you can't make any of these times please email Loren at lmc12@humboldt.edu so we can work on alternative plans. 

Faculty Advising Part I: Advising at Cal Poly Humboldt 

This training will focus on the structure of advising at Cal Poly Humboldt, Academic Policies, General Education and All Univervisity Requirements, and available Resources. 

Recordings and Slides: 


Faculty Advising Part II: Peoplesoft, DARS and the Schedule 

This trainings will focus on the software we use for advising, degree planning and registration at our university. 

Recordings and Slides: 


Faculty Advising Part III: Case Management and Proactive Advising Outreach

This trainings will focuses on best practices to see students early and manage your caseloads.

  • Working to schedule more options


Supporting Students in Academic Recovery (On Academic Probation) 

This trainings will focus on how to support your students on probation or in need of academic support. 

Recordings and Slides: