Career Curriculum


HSU's Career Curriculum Integration Program (CCI) actively prepares students for their future careers by integrating career development into their major courses and teaches them how to market those skills. 

This program began organically in 2014 as the Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC) and the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) at Humboldt began collaborating on designing career and professional development activities within the core coursework of CAHSS majors.  These efforts centered on providing faculty with resources and assistance to prepare students to effectively market their college experience. Methods of implementation include guest lectures, presentations, career related assignments, training, consultation, and curriculum design. 

Over the past 8 years, our program has continued to mature and expand and is now one of Humboldt’s most widespread and interdisciplinary programs with 75% of Humboldt's majors, with representation in all three of Humboldt’s colleges, having at least one course with integrated career curriculum.

Program Highlights:

  • This program is different than other “add-on” programs, this program puts career preparation directly in the curriculum and can be tailor fit for the needs of each major. Our Curriculum is also tailored to the interest of students for each stage in their college career. 

Introductory Level - career exploration, college to career planning, and major and assisting in retention for freshmen and sophomores.

Intermediate Level - building resumes through relevant experiences, finding internships/research experience, and fine tuning career exploration.

Capstone Level - preparing students to find, apply for and obtain employment in their fields of choice or entrance into graduate school.

  • This program has been designed by faculty for faculty. More than 30 faculty have participated in curriculum development and served on career curriculum committees led by the Humboldt’s Academic and Career Advising Center.

  • We are working to build interdisciplinary assessment tools participating majors and classes. The Center for Teaching and Learning has partnered to; integrate all curriculum into Canvas for implementation and assessment.

  • Students cite CCI as some of the most important activities in their college career. Early Survey results indicate:

o   87% of respondents stated that working on career development in their courses increased their confidence about finding a job in their chosen field;

o   89% stated it increased their ability to articulate the value of their degree;

o   88% felt more confident their chosen degree would help them find a job;

o   91% said intentional career planning in their class was important






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