Submit a Resource

The Academic and Career Advising Center will provide a certificate and/or letter written on your behalf in return for career related assignments, class models, and lesson plans submitted for use as a resource for this project and posting on this site. 

Submissions options include:

Syllabus Designs:  Career related courses or segments of a course.

Workshop Designs: Designs for workshops offered outside of regular course schedules.

Career Lesson Plans:  Could include lecture notes, PowerPoint Slides, Activities, etc...

Assignments: Any assignments centered around exploring careers, marketing your major, networking, job searching, resume/CV/Cover Letter Skills, Graduate School or Interviewing Preparation.


Email submissions to:
Loren Collins
Academic and Career Advising Center


Coming Soon:
Faculty Recognition/Awards
Career Related Events, Lectures, Panels:  Our hope is to provide a central location to post Career Related Events for students and faculty.


Curriculum Resources