Advisor For Undeclared Students

Kyle Leitzke

(707) 826-5223

Git Hall 125B


I am honored to be the academic advisor to undeclared students. As an undeclared student when I started college, I had my own experiences that helped me explore who I was and learn what was important to me. As an academic advisor I strive to pull from my experiences as an undeclared student to be the best advisor I can be for students. Additonally, I use my experiences from being a student-athlete, a coach, and a teacher as well as from my education in Sociology, Coaching, and Teaching to guide my advising.

I feel most fulfilled when I can encourage, equip, and empower individuals in their own development and performance to reach their goals. I also enjoy assisting students in developing their own unique identites. 

Through my own personal development (which is still on going) I have learned the value/enjoyment of being a lifelong learner. My professional education/development has continued with taking courses in academic advising, studying theory and practice within the field, collaborating and partnering with colleagues, attending conferences, and presenting at conferences.

In my free time I love spending time with my new dog, Calvin. I also enjoy being active through sports, fitness, and outdoor activities, spending quality time with loved ones, and being a connoisseur of local foods and restaurants. 

One of my favorite quotes is, "It is better to go slowly in the right direction, then go speeding off in the wrong direction" by Simon Sinek.