Advisor For Undeclared Students


Kelda Quintana 

I am honored to be the academic advisor to undeclared students. 

As an Humboldt alum, I attended both the Bachelors and Master Programs of Social Work, and graduated May 2010. My background is seeped with a deep regard for social justice, and a desire to connect with people in a liberating and meaningful way. In particular, I'm interested in collaborating with students to connect to personal passions, goals, and to reflect upon personal strengths. Often, students arrive without a clear vision for their future, or without realizing the varied and diverse opportunities possible while working towards a degree. Internships and life changing experiences like studying abroad are endless and the very reason why it can be so exciting on a college campus. Personally, being an academic advisor is a win-win for me. In my view no individual is fully formed. On the contrary, each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. My goal is to help students experience success. I am energized when I notice a glimpse of excellence or of "flow" where previously there were only halting steps.

Meeting With Me: 

  • The quickest way to schedule an appointment is to go to
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself. I will ask many questions to learn about you. :-)

What To Expect

Academic Advising Syllabus - First Year

  • I will use your Humboldt email as the main way of communicating important information to you.
    • Make sure to check your Humboldt email regularly. 
  • We will meet to individualize your plans. 
  • I will support you during your transition to Humboldt. 
  • I will explain and interpret academic requirements, policies, and procedures. 
  • I will refer you to relevant campus resources.
  • I will offer guidance as you work on your academic, professional, and personal development. We can do this through:
    • Personal discussions
    • Major and career research
    • Extra-curricular experiences
    • Personal assessments