Campus Student Support Services

Office of the Registrar

SBS 133, 826-4101, for records and registration support, clarification on academic policies, general referral, applications for graduation and post-application for graduation DARS/degree check reviews and graduation counselors contact information.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Health Center, 826-3236, for students who need personal or psychological counseling, group counseling for a variety of issues.

Financial Aid

SBS Second Floor, 826-4321, for questions/issues regarding advisee’s financial aid.

Student Health Center

Northeast of Library Circle, 826-3146, student outpatient medical facility.

Housing & Dining

Jolly Giant Commons 301, 826-3451, for issues regarding living in the residence halls.

Indian Natural Resource, Science, & Engineering Program (INRSEP)

Walter Warren House 38, 826-4998, student support program designed for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students pursuing degrees in the natural resource and science disciplines under the College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS) at HSU.

Indian Teacher & Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP)

Brero House 93, 826-3672, a non-instructional academic support program that assists Native students in navigating the University system, and supports students in a wide array of academic disciplines and all majors preparatory to teaching.

Learning Center

Campus Events Field (CEF 7), 826-5217, for students wishing to maximize their academic performance, or who are experiencing academic difficulty, on academic probation, seeking tutors, academic coaching, development of strong study skills, etc.

Writing Studio

Campus Events Field (CEF 2), 826-5946, for students who need help with writing papers.

Testing Center

Campus Events Field (CEF 1), 826-3611, administers and provides information for a wide variety of tests, including those for college/university admission, for course placement, for proficiency, and for vocational interest.

Student Disability Resource Center

Campus Events Field (CEF 6), 826-4678, support for students with disabilities.

Educational Opportunity Program

House 56, 826-4781, support for historically underrepresented students.

Study Abroad Advisor

Feuerwerker House, 826-4142, for students wishing to explore Study Abroad opportunities, Center for International Programs.

Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S HOUSE)

House 91, 826-4965, supports students in providing volunteer programs.

Clubs and Activities

Located in the University Center South Lounge, the Clubs and Activities Office provides services for student groups and events. 826-3776.

Veterans Affairs

Campus Events Field (CEF 8), 826-6272, provides support and resources for student veterans.

Multicultural Center

Balabanis House #55 826-3364, The MultiCultural Center (MCC) is a dynamic and inclusive learning community that supports students in their academic and personal journeys at HSU.

Diversity & Inclusion Office

SH 209, 826-4503, supports cultural programs, educational experiences and professional development opportunities for students, staff and faculty that work to deepen understanding across various groups, to advocate for social justice, and to improve the climate in classrooms and other institutional spaces.

Bias Education Initiative

Humboldt State University’s Bias Education Initiative exists to provide a confidential, safe space where a target of bias may have their voice heard; to contribute to a campus climate of civility, respect and social justice; and to ensure that bias incidents are met with a comprehensive response.

Eric Rolfes Multicultural Queer Center

Warren House 53

Womxn's Resource Center

Balabanis House #55 (Rm 105), 826-4216, Womxn's Resource Center has many resources for all students to take advantage of. Their resources include but are not limited to menstrual supplies, safer sex supplies, the Rosa Parks Library, and art supplies. They also put on programs and workshops in order to educate the Humboldt community as well as provide fun outlets, all of which are safe spaces for all individuals

Scholars Without Borders

Balabanis House #55 (Rm 203), 826-3364, SWB created by students' efforts to bring attention to and fill in the support net for AB540 students at HSU. SWB raised awareness with events such as "Undocuweek of Awareness," developed academic social, economic, legal, and cultural support efforts for students and community.

Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

NHE 215, 826-4589, the mission of the Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence is to empower students as they navigate successful pathways through college in a way that honors, preserves and sustains diverse cultural value systems. Their programs, services, and mentoring promote the individual and academic advancement of students in a culturally welcoming and dynamic environment.

African American Center for Academic Excellence

NHE 206, 826-4588, the AACAE's programming educates the campus community about the Black diasporic experience. Through guest lectures, films and programming, they add to the intellectual landscape on campus. They are part of a larger campus-wide effort to elevate the campus climate. They contribute to existing and developing efforts to make the campus more welcoming and inclusive.

Latinx Center for Academic Excellence (El Centro)

NHE 205, 826-4590, the LCAE strives to provide programming that is relevant and responsive to students needs.