Supporting Academic Success

two students in classroom review notes together

Academic Planning

Academic achievement is an integral part of your college experience, and the resources on these pages will help you to succeed. Creating an academic plan allows you to get the most out of your time here at Humboldt. Things to consider include sequencing of your courses to make sure you’ve met prerequisites, taking advantage of double counts where possible, allowing time for academic or career related internships or study abroad opportunities, adding a minor to compliment your field of study and other factors designed to enhance your college experience.

Academic Success Strategies

There are concrete strategies you can use to earn better grades in your classes. Regardless of what your study habits have been in the past, new classes present new challenges and you need to use new strategies to overcome them.

Academic Notice, Disqualification, and Reinstatement Information

Being a college student comes with challenges, academic and otherwise. It is not unusual for students to face difficulties navigating those challenges, and many students have been in this position. Those who have learned from experience, making use of guidance and support, have gone on to be successful at Humboldt and beyond. 

Academic Recovery and Resilience

Academic recovery is an opportunity to reflect on your past choices and create new goals for a future semester. The lessons you learn from overcoming obstacles are fundamental to your future successes. You are not alone and support is available. We hope these resources will be useful to this next chapter of your journey.

Tech Savvy Learning Resources

A series of applications and programs to help you best adapt to your circumstances.

GPA Calculation

The Learning Center has many helpful resources for students including a GPA Calculator. This calculator can predict what your Semester, Humboldt and Cumulative grade point averages will be at the end of the semester based on your estimated grades in the Humboldt courses you are taking this semester.