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Life/ Time Management ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Organize To-Do Lists with Project Boards made of cards Web | Windows | MacAndroid | iOS Free

Google Calendar

Available through your Gmail account. Useful for scheduling tasks, meetings, events, etc.and gives you reminders Web | Android | iOS Free

San Jose State's Assignment Calendar

Useful for pacing work on big papers and assignments. Web Free


A To-Do List System Web | Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Chromebook | Amazon Apps Free

Study Habits

A To-Do List system with a built in Calendar, study tips and gamification. iOS $0.99

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Self-Care ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Track your habits while creating good ones. Chrome Ext. | Firefox Ext. | iOS Free


A health habit tracker, in which, you earn and lose money as a motivator. Android | iOS Free

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Note Taking ◈

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Livescribe pens record audio during note taking and audio can be recalled by placing the pen on related notes. The Android and Apple app connect to the Livescribe 3 Smart Pen. WindowsAndroid | iOS Varies


Online note taking system that links between your phone, tablet and computer automatically. Basic Evernote is free. Web | Android | iOS Free


A PDF viewer and annotator. WindowsWeb | Chrome Ext. | Windows PhoneAndroid | iOS Free


Organizes your notes in a linear fashion. Web | Android | iOS Free

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Reading ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Save any articles, resource, etc. that you view on the web. Pocket makes your resources clean and easy to view, allows offline availability and has an option for audio. Web | Mac | Chrome Ext. | Firefox Ext. | Safari Ext. | Opera Ext.Android | iOS Free


Save articles that you read. Content is in a magazine format and it can curate articles based on your interest. WebAndroid | iOS Free


Converts highlighted text into speech. Chrome Ext. Free

Natural Reader

Text-to-Speech app that allows you to convert your written text into spoken words. Web | Microsoft | MacAndroid | iOS Free | Personal $

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Studying/Test Prep ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Study Blue

Flashcard and Quiz/Test creating tool. Resources created by others can also be viewed. Web | Android | iOS Free Basic | Pro $

Go ConQr

Build mind maps, flashcards, quizzes and more. Web | Android | iOS Free


Create Flashcards, tests and study games. Resources created by others are also available. Web | Android | iOS Free


Information on how to prepare, learn, remember and take tests. Web Free

Study Guides

Online resources with information and tools to explore how you learn and strategies to use to study. Web Free

Study Stack

Create flashcards, games, quizzes and tests. Web | Android | iOS Free

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Writing/Reference ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Use your computer microphone to record speech to text. Contains over 50 languages. Web | MacChrome Ext. Free

Ginger Software

Checks grammar, translates, text reader, dictionary and more. There is a discount for students on Premium. Web | Windows |  Android | iOS | Chrome/Safari Ext.

Free | Premium $


Online grammar checker for papers. Can be added to Microsoft Word. Web | Windows | Android | iOSChrome Ext. | MS Office

Free | Premium $

Assesses and reviews your papers, suggesting improvements for clarity. Web | Desktop (Windows and Mac) Free | $20 for Desktop

Grammar and spell checker. Premium option costs extra. Web

Free | Premium $7.95

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Research ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Manages your resources and shares resources with other in the field. Windows | Mac | LinuxAndroid | iOS Free


Research and reference manager. Web | Windows | Firefox Ext. | Android Free


Automates the process of adding in-citations and creates a properly formatted bibliography based on the sources used.. Windows | Mac | Linux | AndroidChrome Ext. Free

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Storage ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


Online storage that you can share with individuals or groups! Windows | Web | Android | iOS Free for Basic | Business $

Online cloud storage straight on your desktop or phone. Windows | Mac | Linux | Windows Mobile | Chrome Ext. | Android | iOS | Lightroom Plugin Free for Basic | Premium $

Cloud storage with options for personal or business related documents. Windows | Mac | Android | iOS Free for Basic | Upgrade $

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Supplemental ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Khan Academy

A platform to learn and study subjects at your own leisure. Web | Android | iOS Free


Online graphical dictionary that diagrams word association. Web Free

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Distraction Blockers ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Focal Filter

Web-based tool that blocks chosen websites. Web Free


Helps you avoid distracting websites. Mac | Chrome Ext. Free

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History and Art History ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

A giant history database and other subjects. Provide by Humboldt Library Database. Web Free

The National Archives database has a vast variety of information and documents based on the U.S. Web Free

Free Publicly-Accessible Databases

UC Santa Barbara provides a variety of public-use articles, documents and research. Web Free

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Foreign Language ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


A program that teaches a multitude of languages and tracks your progress. Web | Android | iOS | Window Phone Free

Google Translate

Online translator with instant camera translation for phone apps. Web | Android | iOS Free


A program wherer you can read, write and speak in over 90 different languages. Web | Windows | MacAndroid | iOS | Windows Phone Free


A giant database of languages, translations, definitions and conjugations. Web | Android | iOS Free

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Biology ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Contains compiled news, tools, books, Web Free

An internet science portal to more than 20,000 science sites. Web Free


This features the 20th Edition of Henry Gray's anatomy of the human body. Web Free

A Life-Science and Biology online video sharing community. Web Free

Discover what you know about the human anatomy with interactive pictures and descriptions of parts inside the body. Web Free

Provides resources about physiology information and teaching. Web Free

The National Center for Biotechnical Information

Provides access to learning biomedical and genomic information. Web Free

The Biology Project

An online interactive resource for learning biology provided by the University of Arizona. Web Free

Provides games, study aides and resources for cellular biology. Web Free

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

A platform providing multimedia resources on science education. Web Free

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Chemistry ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Provides open-access textbooks, homework exercises, worksheets, visualizations, simulations, demonstrations and experiments. Web Free

Chem Tube

Interactive 3D animations and structures relating to important chemistry topics. Web Free

Organic Chemistry

An online Organic Chemistry textbook. Web Free

A simple and interactive online periodic table. Web Free


An online research database.. Web Free

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Physics ◈

Application Description Platform Cost


An exploration environment for concepts in physics. Web Free

Provides interactive simulations for science and math. Web Free

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Math ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

Fx Problem solver

A mathematical solving engine Android | iOS Free


Teaches and helps problem solve Basic Math through Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Chemisrty. Web Free

An online step-by-step problem solver. It ranges from Algebra to Calculus. Web Free

Generates answers to specific math questions and problems.. Web Free


Computes expert-level answers through algorithms, knowledgebase and AI technology. Web | Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Kindle Free Web | App $ | Pro $

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Coding and Programming ◈

Application Description Platform Cost

A platform to learn and practice coding languages. Includes HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Web Free
A practice document for HTML. Web Free

A website dedicating to teaching code to everyone. Provides basic coding and lessons for kids to adults. Web | Android Free

Online courses and lessons to learn coding, software design, web development and much more. Web | Android 1-month free trial

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