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Undeclared Resources

Being Undeclared gives you the support and encouragement to explore all the academic, career, and personal interests you have while working to identify, and declare, the best major for you. As an Undeclared student, you will receive academic advising from a full-time professional advisor. ​Whether you have interests already and are trying to choose, want to get into an impacted major and need to meet the requirments first, or perhaps you're not sure where to begin, you will be guided, encouraged, and supported through your exploration
  • Support you during your transition to Humboldt
  • Guide you as you explore your personal, professional, and academic goals
  • Connect you with all the ways you can make the most of your college experience. 
There are many students who have started as Undeclared and found a great major fit. You can read some of their stories here or watch this video on being undeclared
If you have questions about being Undeclared, review frequently asked questions (FAQs) here. Additionally, there are myths about being an undeclared student; find the facts here.  

Advising Resources: 

Additional Resources: 


Humboldt's Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals Support Undeclared/Exploring Students

Humboldt's Mission states: 

"We serve (students) by providing a wide array of programs and activities that promote understanding of social, economic, and environmental issues. We help individuals prepare to be responsible members of diverse societies."

Humboldt's Vision states: 

"We will be stewards of learning to make a positive difference."

Humboldt's Values state: 

"We believe in an environment of free inquiry where learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom." 
"We believe the University must assist in developing the abilities of individuals to take initiative and to collaborate in matters resulting in responsible action." 
"We believe in intellectual growth through scholarship, creative activities, and research.