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Undeclared Resources

Being Undeclared gives you the support and encouragement to explore all the academic, career, and personal interests you have while working to identify, and declare, the best major for you. As an Undeclared student, you will receive academic advising from a full-time professional advisor. ​Whether you have interests already and are trying to choose, want to get into an impacted major and need to meet the requirments first, or perhaps you're not sure where to begin, you will be guided, encouraged, and supported through your exploration. 
  • Support you during your transition to Humboldt
  • Guide you as you explore your personal, professional, and academic goals
  • Connect you with all the ways you can make the most of your college experience. 

Advising Resources: 

When do I have to declare a major?

Humboldt requires students to declare a major once you have earned 45 units. If you have not declared by completion of 45 earned units, a "Must Declare" hold will show up on your student center and you must declare a major before you can register for the following semester.  Visit Office of the Registrar Forms for Major Change and Senior Major Change forms: registrar.humboldt.edu/forms.

How can I get help deciding the best major for me?

The best service you can receive is through one-on-one meetings with the current Undeclared Advisor so we can create an individualized plan. You can also ask about utilizing personal assessments to help guide you to major and career options. (see Major and Career Exploration  for more)

Can I change my mind after I declare a major?

Yes, and the goal is to have you find the best fit with your first major and avoid having to change your major a second time. However, if things change you can complete a “major change form” to change your major. If you are a senior (90+ units earned) wishing to change your major the process is more difficult (see Senior Major Change Form).

Tips to Declare a Major with Confidence

  • Identify specific interests within the major you would like to declare.
  • Understand the major requirements for graduation.
  • Connect with other students in the major to share interests and goals.
  • Consult with faculty in the major to learn about opportunities.
  • Take introductory courses within the major.
  • Attend department events and/or meetings.
  • Identify careers that are connected to the major, as well as your own values, interests, skills, and goals.
  • Gain experience related to the major field of study and/or career possibilities.
  • Spend time reflecting, questioning, and seeking advice/feedback from loved ones and professionals.