Identity-Based Resources

List of Resources

2SLGBTQIA+ BIPOC Formerly Incarcerated* | International | Non-traditional | Disabled Individuals | Religious* | (Resources for) Spanish Speakers | Veterans | Women
* Page currently unavailable; in-progress

The Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC) strives to provide individualized and culturally responsible services and resources to all Humboldt students and alumni.

ACAC is committed to:

  • Creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment;
  • Challenging stereotypes within our student, staff and faculty interactions;
  • Encouraging individuals to explore their unique experiences and talents to make informed choices;
  • Providing accessible one-on-one career and academic advising appointments;
  • Sharing resources that meet individual needs to navigate the university and the workplace.

ACAC recognizes that the various, often intersecting, identities of individuals can lead to unique considerations during the job and internship search, as well as in the work environment. 

Navigating identity in the workplace is such a deeply personal process. The following resources provide information about assessing prospective employers, networking, mentorship based on identity, and navigating professional fields, as well as other identity-specific resources.

How do I find a mentor?

Mentors can help you grow personally and professionally by sharing their experiences, giving advice and providing support. They should be someone you feel comfortable with and are supportive of your development. The following are people and organizations to draw upon:

  • Professors, advisors, or other campus staff 
  • Business and community leaders
  • Supervisors or coworkers from internships, jobs, or volunteer opportunities
  • Professional associations