Declaring A Major

college major road sign. Choosing a major

Tips to Declare a Major with Confidence

  • Identify specific interests within the major you would like to declare.
  • Understand the major requirements for graduation.
  • Connect with other students in the major to share interests and goals.
  • Consult with faculty in the major to learn about opportunities.
  • Take introductory courses within the major.
  • Attend department events and/or meetings.
  • Identify careers that are connected to the major, as well as your own values, interests, skills, and goals.
  • Gain experience related to the major field of study and/or career possibilities.
  • Spend time reflecting, questioning, and seeking advice/feedback from loved ones and professionals.

How to Declare a Major

When you are ready and confident (see tips above) to declare a major you will need to fill out a "Major Change" form and turn it in to the Office of the Registrar. The form will require signatures from an advisor and the department chair of the major you are wishing to declare. 

Office of the Registrar Forms

When Must I Declare a Major?

Once a student at HSU has earned 45 units they must declare a major. If a student has not declared a major by completion of 45 units a "Must Declare" hold will show up on their Student Center Holds. The student must declare a major with the "Major Change" form before they can register for the following semester. 

Transitioning to a Faculty Advisor

Once you have chosen a major and declare you will most likely receive a new academic advisor who is a faculty member in the major you are declaring. Working with a faculty advisor who is an expert in your chosen field will provide you with great opportunities for mentoring in your major, help in developing your professional network, assistance in finidng internship opportunities, and guidance toward planning for graduate school if you choose to pursue that. Your new advisor will be the one you will work with during registration, and releases your Advising Mandatory hold.

During our time as an Undeclared major you have become acclimated to HSU and the various policies and procedures. You have also explored your unique interests, established goals, and learned about the requirements for your degree. It is important to reach out to your new advisor so you can get to know eachother and so that you can share your specific interests and goals with them in order to receive the appropriate guidance. Make sure to come prepared with your plans and ideas and ask how they prefer to communicate and meet with you. 

While I will miss being your direct advisor your transition to a faculty advisor does not mean our connection is ending. My door will always be open and I would love to hear how you are progressing. 

Share Your Major Declaration

Set up a meeting with me to fill out an "I Declared" card and post it on the "Declaration Board"!

I would love to chat with you about the process and be able to share your declaration with future students like you. 

See Student Declarations here!