Student Stories

Stories shared by previously undeclared students:

Student spotlight. Nikki Xiong. I declared! Major, Communications. Dream, Help others. Advice, you're an explorer not an indecisive person.

Student Spotlight

Nikki Xiong started as an undeclared major, looking for ways to connect his passion for helping people with a specific major or career. Nikki worked with his academic advisor to identify personal values, interests, and goals before exploring major options. Major exploration began with reviewing programs and their requirements, researching possible career paths; identifying introductory courses in majors of interest, and formulating questions to ask students and faculty in those majors. Nikki's exploration in GE courses, and interactions with faculty helped him identify his passions in persuading, rhetoric, and word choice, which lead him to declare communications as a major. Nikki and his advisor also identified relevant volunteer work opportunities on campus with the Youth Educational Services (YES), Canyon Council in Housing, the Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander Collective (ADPIC), and becoming a RAMP mentor. ACAC advisors have also helped him prepare a resume that highlighted his transferrable skills and preparedness for the RAMP job. Nikki recommends that students "become actively involved in their community by exploring different opportunities on and off campus, even if it sounds just slightly interesting, because you never know how interesting it really is until you try it." Share how ACAC has helped you succeed by contacting

Below are some past undeclared students’ major declarations, which include their aspirations and advice:

I declared! Major, anthropology. Dream, bioethics. Advice, love what you learn.

I declared! Major, anthropology. Dream, forensic anthropology. Advice, talk to your professors.

I declared! Major, art. Dream, artist. Advice, Talk to your advisor and take sample classes.

I declared! Major, studio art. Dream, animator. Advice, do what you love.

I declared! Major, art history. Dream, museum curator. Advice, do what you like.

I declared! Major, cell molecular biology. Dream, to help the world with science. Advice, just make it happen and work hard.

I declared! Major, biology. Dream, planetary scientist. Advice, keep talking to people, talk to everyone. Learn everything there is to know about your dream.

I declared! Major, Business administration - management. Dream, establish and urban farm. Advice, check that your classes are offered before your grad date.

I declared! Major, biochemistry. Dream, nutritionist. Advice, acknowledge your fear but don't listen to it.

I declared! Major, CD. Dream, special ed teacher. Advice, have fun.

I declared! Major, CRGS. Dream, community organizing/advocacy. Advice, follow your passion.

I declared! Major, criminology. Dream, give back to my community and work with youth. Advice, take your time. Explore those general ed classes and there's a good reason why you keep gravitating towards that major! go with it!

I declared! Major, criminology. Dream, advocate for the underrepresented. Advice, explore every option.

I declared! Major, English. Dream, to teach English abroad. Advice, don't stress, a major will come to you!

I declareed! major, film. Dream, film some rad lions. Advice, what class didn't assign boring homework?

I declared! Major, international studies. Dream, help in third world countries. Advice, with time everything will work out.

I declared! Major, journalism. Dream, work in the sports or music industry. Advice, go after what you want to do!

I declared! Major, kinesiology. Dream, work with athletes. Advice, follow what your heart desires and what makes you happy.

I declared! Major, kinesiology. Dream, high school teacher, coach, and athletic director. Advice, follow your guts!

I declared! Major, Psychology. Dream, neuroscience/start my own practice. Advice, follow your heart but take your brain with you.

I declared! Major, psychology. Dream, positive psychology researcher. Advice, get help when you need.

I declared! Major, psychology. Dream, Helping children with developmental needs. Advice, do what you love and go from there.

I declared! Major, Spanish. Dream, translator. Advice, do what you want to do not what other want.

I declared! Major, recreation administration. Dream, event planning (music). Advice, don't rush into anything. Keep an open mind.

I declared! Major, Recreation administration. Dream, in charge of parks and rec. Advice, don't rush into things. Take a pause - listen to you heart.

I declared! Major, zoology. Dream, vet. Advice, just keep swimming.