Exploration Stages

Below are some common stages of exploration that students identify with. It is important to remember that these are generalized stages and everybody's journey is unique. For the best guidance make sure to meet with your advisor one-on-one to determine the best individualized plan for you. 

What stage is most relevant to where you currently are?:

  • I'm discovering my interests.
  • I have many interests and am working to prioritize.
  • I have a few main ideas and want to make sure.
  • I've decided and need to meet requirements.

I'm discovering my interests.

  • Think about what experiences you would like to have, what knowledge/skills you would like to have, and how would you like to utilize/contribute your experiences and knowledge/skills?
  • Brainstorm your values and goals.
  • Identify what you don't like, and why.
  • Review the Major Exploration Guide handout. 
  • Review the Major Course Descriptions to identify classes that sound interesting. 
  • Meet with an Academic or Career advisor to discuss ideas and create an individualized plan.
  • Take MyPlan assessments to identify interests, skills, and values. (Discuss with advisor if interested)
  • Review Humboldt's Majors and Programs to explore opportunities and identify interests.
  • Explore career options within major(s) of interest. 

I have many interests and am working to prioritize.

I have a few main ideas and want to make sure.

 I've decided and need to meet requirements.