Exploration Tips & Resources

Declaring a major can be a complex decision, and feel like a big commitment, so it is wise to put a lot of intention into that decision. The intention is that through utilizing these tips and resources you will be able to declare a major with confidence and develop lifelong skills that can be used for exploring options in many situations. 

Here are some common stages of exploration that students identify with. It is important to remember that these are generalized stages and everybody's journey is unique. For the best guidance make sure to meet with your advisor one-on-one to determine the best individualized plan for you. 

Here are tips and strategies within the main areas of academic and career exploration. The goal of these strategies and resources are to help develop your unique Identity, build Educational and Occupational knowledge, as well as develop your Decision Making and Goal Setting strategies in order to determine the most fulfilling majors and careers for you. 

Exploration Resources:

Student Stories

There are many students who have started Undeclared and found a great major fit through their exploration. You can read some of their stories and advice here